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Colmillo de Morsa was born in Barcelona in late 2009.
​The values of the brand reside in the attention to detail and rescuing the handcraft beginnings, a union between tradition and modernity. Elisabet Vallecillo, designer, finds her inspiration in primary elements, organic elements and creative nature. The raw material is characterized by natural fabrics that transmits warmth and personal sensibility.
​The brand name Colmillo de Morsa (meaning ‘walrus tusk’) contains its first premise: beautiful things have infinite forms, so do the people that look at them.
​We believe in buying local, in a sustainable fashion, and more importantly that things and people’s mindset can evolve in a positive way on these topics.
All of our clothes are designed, produced and assembled in Barcelona, and we want our brand to show this local aspect that is the core of our vision.

It is a biodegradable fabric and, like tencel, made of regenerated cellulose.

Very important in saving water, since most of it comes from the wood provided by the beech forests that are sustained by their own natural resources. In addition, one of the peculiarities of this fiber is that due to its characteristics the dyeing process requires much less water than other natural fibers.







Coming from organic farming, making an optimized and sustainable use of natural resources, without transgenic or chemical pesticides or herbicides, thus respecting the ecosystem. Organic cotton is a basic in all our collections and always has the GOTS Certificate that thus accredits.


Find a second life to industrial surpluses by avoiding the final destination of increasing our landfills and greatly reducing water and energy consumption by skipping the cultivation process.

Many of our buttons come from recycled or natural materials. Recycled cotton, recycled paper, recycled fibers, nacre, wood ...

Recovering the remains and surpluses of the processing of virgin wool or even of the stocks of garments and pieces of wool fabric that are on the market; This new recycled wool fiber is blended with other recycled wool, cotton, or polyester fibers for added strength and durability.

One of the most sustainable regenerated cellulose fibers as it requires the least natural resources; it recycles the water used in the process and CO2 emissions are very low in relation to the processing of other textile fibers. The wood from which it originates is obtained from an environmentally responsible and certified process, the result is a 100% biodegradable and compostable fabric


Flax plantations are a very important source of CO2 absorption and are practically sustained by rainwater.

85% of the world production of flax plant fiber comes from Europe and has the guarantees of respect for the environment and non-toxic Oeko-Tex.


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